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All quests clear!
I can't believe I spent nearly 25 hours on this game lol,  great work!

PS: It seems there is a bug that after u get the memory stone if you go to defeat the final BOSS again, the ending animation won't show again, you will be kicked back to the world map instead, and your map walking sprite will disappear forever.


Oh, thank you for letting me know, and very happy to know you had fun with the game!



I don't know why this is happening,but the dialog is not displayed completely

Hi there, it seems it could be a screen resolution issue. The game display size is set to 1104x624. You might be able to fix this by changing to a higher screen size/resolution.

I don't think that's the problem,my screen resolution is 1920x1080

I'm guessing it's because the word size is somehow wrong,but I don't really know what's causing it. 

I've never seen or encountered this problem before so this is completely new.
My only guess would be a missing text font file in the 'fonts' folder?

Do you have any of these in your game folder under fonts?

If you're missing some files/ or you already have them, then you may have to download the game again as I'm not entirely sure what's causing the error.
Just make sure to move your save folder to another place when downloading so you don't lose your progress.


So I finally finished the game and all side quests, again thanks for the help with one of the puzzles, and I gotta say I enjoyed it. I really liked the charactertrue jg development and the expressions, none of it felt forced or rushed and it wwasn't believable. The world building was huge and well developed.

 *Spoilers you've been warned* 

Now there was things that felt out of place: the first sex scene felt a bit wierd I mean he just got out of was essentially was a sex slave and immediately wanted sex it just felt slight odd, the second was when we learned the Shu learned how to speak because slibs learn from the environment, that raises so many questions like why hasn't other slibs learned to speak and it took out the uniqueness of Sho but overall these two things weren't anything too bad just nitpick. Now the last one was the ending and I'm talking specifically about the after credits. Like why did they all go their separate ways, nothing in the story lead us to believe they would separate in fact the opposite was implied. What's worst was how they all seemed like they would meet up again, but the credits rolled and they never saw each other again and that just left a gaping hole. It was like amazing story, opening, middle and then rushed and botched ending. I really enjoyed it, just wished the ending was different 

Thanks for the feedback! And very happy you enjoyed the game! 

The ending was left like that for a certain reason which I can't explain at this time.

в пещере 4  факелы  в каком порядке зажечь 

Sorry if this doesn't make sense but I'm using google translate since I don't speak russian: 

вверху слева земля, вверху справа ветер, внизу справа вода, внизу слева огонь

I'm stuck with this puzzle can anyone help?

I'm also stuck with this one

Red Block, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left - Blue Block follows


OMG Thanks a ton for this! I also am now realizing they're different colors, I'm color blind and I've always saw them as gold with a hint of red never blue

Red block - Right, Up, Left, Up, Leff, followed by the Blue block

hello again, i already came to Arcius. And i need to search all missing villager, do anyone know where i can found them?

They're at the wood. Those resting camp points

Hello there. Help me plz! I was at Regull Port, but i don't know who and where i need to talk to after i arive in front of the ship. Or is there something i need to do to trigger this scene?. And sorry if my english is wrong, i was bad at english actually.

Check your quest log, if you triggered an event infront of the ship make sure to speak to all the people in the port before heading into the inn.

Ok, thx bro

i completed the rainbow colors enigma but nothing is happening am i supposed to do something more than pressing the colors in the right orders ?

Hi there, just interact with the blocked entrance once you've entered the correct order of colors.

i did it but nothing special happended maybe i got it wrong somehow but i dont see how i could or maybe something happend but i did not see what ^^'. (I dont want to write the order in the coms here  to prevent spoil but ...)

Hi there the order of the colors has already been answered in the previous comments so it's no problem at all.  You can check the color order here

ok now i see why and it is silly ^^'. I just reversed the order XD, thx for helping me .

i cant get to kill the dam priest in the game and my lvl is 10 

Does somebody know where the others wheel is I only find 2 in the dungeon.


Make sure to hug the walls if you've missed any areas.

I wanted to see if I could figure it out but I couldn't so I have to ask, how do I solve the 7 colors puzzle? Do I figure it out later in the game or is it much more simpler than what I think?

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It's a lot simpler than you think. The puzzle has been used in old RPG games, and the answer is the order of the 7 colors of the rainbow.

I literally thought that but couldn't make it work for some reason. XD

Thank you.

I was did the two darkspore portalI which, but I can't find the darkspore portal near paradise isle, where is that exactly?

All three Darkspore Portal is Randomly generated. You should come across the portal from Paradise Isle if you go West towards Artellus Town. If it's not there then it could be north of Dhalium Town or East of the Infested Cave.

I complete the king's request, find one near Dhalium Town, and find another one near Infested Cave, but I can't find the last one,  very strange.

As I mentioned it's RNG, you may not find the last one near Paradise Isle, it could appear back in Dhalium Town or Infested Cave.

Help This happens after I cross the bridge. I press f8 and then nothing happened also it keeps popping up when I walking around. Sorry for my bad English.

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Hello! It seems that you're missing some music files. You may have to re-download the game and move your save folder across to continue. I've downloaded the game through itch to double-check if the file was missing but everything is in place. If you're still having trouble place move your file on your desktop and play from there. Or alternatively you can use this:

I encountered this error when I was in a overworld battle between Belora Town and Paradise Isle. It happened when Garet was paralyzed and I wanted him to use a high potion on himself in his turn. The paralyze animation played and then I had this error.

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Hi there thanks for the report, I've tried to replicate this error but nothing pops up for me on this end. When did you download this game?

Strange, I did try to replicate it myself just now but with no luck. Neither Su, MC or Garet produced the error again for me. I guess the cause was something else I didn't pay attention to, I'm sorry. The game should be the most recent build, I downloaded it only two days ago (and I'm really liking the story btw :) ).

Oh no, don't apologize, if anything, thank you for bringing this error to my attention. It's a shame I can't seem to fully replicate the error on my side to fix it. I'll need to do more testing in the future if this error persists.

Funny enough, I just had the exact same error again. It was the same setup as before, this time with Su. Su was paralyzed and used a High Potion on Lex. The paralyze animation played and the error happened. One thing that I also noticed is that one of the enemies wasn't onscreen at that point because it used the Jump skill. 

That might have been the case the last time the error occured, since in the screenshot last time you can kind of see that the coming turn has 6 actions and Su is defeated, so there should be 3 enemies onscreen but you can only see 2.

This is extremely odd, I've done everything I can to replicate the error that you're encountering , and yet nothing seems to occur on my side.

I have tried paralyzing everyone individually including Su and using every item in my inventory.

My debug window hasn't prompted anything that produces the error too. I'm slightly at a loss to what is happening here.
The jump for the enemy didn't show any bug report or otherwise, which will break the game or display an error.

Slightly confused as to why you're getting this.

If possible, could you send me your save file and I'll see if I can replicate this on my side?
You can use this link to upload the file:

Deleted 1 year ago

I actually just had this error I went back to a weaker area to do a little grinding and just halt the A button down on my controller so they just auto attacked after a while I got this error. I also found that when playing with a controller it's easy to accidentally auto attack. Maybe it has something to do with that.

Happy 4th of July every1^v^

Hiya Demi. =]

Im coming too the end of available recipes& i hafta ask: where are the Medicine Refines. The Distill procedures that make high- end HP, MP, HP/MP & broadcast all those derivatives.. ?


Help. Ive pridfully refused to ask for hints, but the green slib is, like; a Ninja.!. Please. Any pointers?


Regull port, behind one of the palm leaves.

hmm should i gush? Like: TvT ohmygodThankYou! Or stoic& conservitive.. You Rock, dude=]

im doing some Mithril fishing in the Frozen Fields& ran into this bug on startup.  My Save was just the West entrance.

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Hi there, it seems that you've encountered a lot of these and again it's the same issue running with the specs on your computer that is trying to Render WebGL. 

sorry to report a single prob. repetitively

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hi, it's okay, it can be very hard for me to do anything since the program I used to make the game is basically relying on webGL render. And it being related to computer specs in order to run the game.

I figured id dip a toe in& see if it was Deadly. =]Amazing!. I got some major Refits to do.)) XP

hi demi=] i found this bug on the WorldMap. While reloading from a save i made about 15 paces away from thespacia/ abyss/ Dark Portal. Near the former thieves hideout

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Unfortunately, there's no solution to this fix that I can find. There's a link that someone else has encountered the problem but it's hard to say what it is. It could be the program itself/computer specs and since i haven't messed with the webGL code at all this is slightly beyond me.

thats fine. =] thanks for giving it a Look/ See

Someone knows where I have to go at the emerald forest. And as of reflections, south, southwest, west, east, I want to know where I'm headed. Help me...


copy from thread below

First Riddle - Go Right to enter another map, then keep going right 5 times until you see a monster.
Second Riddle - Find and collect all the yellow orbs in the forest.
Third - Talk to the bird first, if you get the directions wrong make sure to always talk to the bird first before continuing.
Do through the forest using the following directions from the bird, go UP, UP-Right, Right and then Left, a monster should be infront of the bird

Thanks for the clue... 👍😁😁

dude I'm doing as you said and nothing happend up up right right left. then I go to the bird and nothing. there is no monster

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Hi again, it seems like this is the same bug that has persisted when playing on your Windows 7 computer. I'm not entirely sure what's happening since I made a fix for this a while ago. There's very little to no information regarding this bug and why it appears and only some have speculated that it's to do with something relating to the Windows WebGL. Whether your computer supports WebGL is something I wouldn't know.  If you want to look into this further you can use this link:
There's no guarantee this will fix the game error but it's the only thing I can find.

hi Demi. I found this bug on startup. I synced my 3 saves after recueing the MC @the emerald gardens. But the conflict might be that my latest save is at the start of a WorldSqueegee. (For resources, recover AP. Rebuild funds. Ect. So laters save is back@ the Forest Where We Landed on this world. 

Love ur Portal network btw ^^ makes grinding WAY Less boring. Lol. Just 'Portal' & worldwalk back to the modern area:)

Hi, Dev

Just to make sure, there are a total of 3 memory CGs, right? 

Yes, that's correct.

(4 edits)

Thanks for your quick bugs fix and your hard work!

I recommended this game to my friend and sent a demo to him. A few hours later, he sent his feedback to me.

It looks like he couldn't find where Garet was after Garet stole MC's money... As a beginner to this game, He said the tutorial isn's clear enough to get start into the gameplay smoothly.

I had same problems at first too but I had noticed the cave when I passed it by the first time. But I don't know if everyone had noticed it too when groped around at start. Maybe add a hint should do that. 

And please add a control method tutorial into Tutorias' dialogs, I hadn't learned how to use Q/W to switch between companions until I read this page carefully when I had already been to Regull Port. It took me double cancelation and I have to enter it again every time before I know how to switch XD

does anyone know where the green slib location?

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It's in Regull Port. Staying at where has many trees.


Hey Bara it's my first time to write something long like this... It may doesn't be written well but I try my best. It takes me nearly 35 hours to finish. I'd like to say it's a good RPG game but I think there're many points can be adjusted. Let's start with the bugs and issues I found.


    Guard can't last long till the guarding character's next movement. It just ends when the action roll above finishes a round.


    "Items" block can't jump to "Game End" block when you press left arrow key. And of course "Game End" can't jump to "Items" either.


    When you cancel the dialogue with Captain Gordon, he'll travel you to another place. As far as I found: Arcius to Volcanic, Volcanic to Arcius, Regull to Volcanic.

4.Mega Potion

    After MC synthing a Mega Potion, the green number of healing just display a fixed value: 150 and it practically won't heal for this little.

5.The box in Arcius Ruins

    It's an interesting issue and it happened when I went smooth in boxes pushing and it happened. Then I tried a slow one and it went well. Plus: "Go smooth" means press arrow key and "Z" key continuously and maybe sometimes press at the same time. It just like playing Street Fighter on keyboard. You know what I mean.

6.Particle effect

    It seems that particle effect will stuck in screen sometimes. I couldn't help much because I don't know how to make it happen again. I've been through Blink-effect stucking and Light-effect stucking for now.

7.Action cancel

    When paralysis or confusion cancels character's movement who is going to spell magic or synth, the consumption of magic&synth wouldn't cancel along with them (I've lost many high potions and some critical AP points in this one lol).

    I think maybe it's because the consumption codes have priority over cancel codes.

8.Weapons' spells

    The chance to release spells through normally attacking enemies is a bit too low. But once it releases successfully, it'll cause a disaster to enemies. What's more, it seems the spell's efficiency is related to caster's Attact, but not eveyone's Attack&Health is high enough to pays several itching normally attacks and gains a tons of damage from boss-rank enemies (That's right, I'm just mentioning you, Su). There are so many cool skill right? such as Star Fall deals a great damage to one enemy, Earth Barrage gives you a efficient way to clear the battlefield. But Weapons's spells can do that all and it's way more efficient despite its low chance to spell. So I think it's not very balance in there.

    My personally opinion is, I would like to add a special one which influence on the spell's casting-chance or damage to allocate in "Stat Points". And reduce the base damage it causes a bit.

9.Synth Soul Breaker

    It's cause a very very very explosive impact on enemies. I was shock when I saw Mortimus' health bar at the first time. it's impressively longer than the darkspore demon which took me half an hour to take down when I hadn't got Synth Soul Breaker. Then I try the new super skill on Mortimus and...he lost half of his health. After this, I continued in guarding after guarding and he couldn't make much damage to me... and when I had enough AP again, he died.

    I think it's OK that it's everyone's bond skill which presents the memory of along the way they've been through, and it cost everyone's 300 AP after all. But compare with the 30-min darkspore demon, I feel a little void after defeating the final boss in this way. 

    Maybe its impactful damage comes from lots of critical damage it can brings, and Mortimus can't stop me from guard-skill-guard action cycle because I have average 3500 hp there and his best aoe skill deals just near 600 per person when I guard. Plus I'm level 46 when challenge him.


   the level between areas is a little too high I think. The level gap needs synth weapons to fill, and weapons need materials. Then to get materials I need taking monsters down but it's difficult and monotonous because the level gap and low drop rate of critical materials. So another choice is purchasing them from markets, but it need golds which mainly come from monsters. What's more, it seems that you can buy Mythril Ore in nowhere unless fighting in Arcius.

    So in my opinion, lower the level gap especially when it comes to last half part of story is an important key to get balance.

It's a good RPG game, I enjoy the 30+ hours while playing this game. There are many interest puzzles and map designs. The block puzzle before the element spirits is my favourite one and I even want more puzzles :D

As for the map designs, the stones in Deep Canyon to push remind me of the Pokemon Platinum's Mt.Coronet's stone lays on south of 211 road entrance. The one-way pass design is interesting. And the Tutorias reminds me of Nurse Joe in Pokemon animes lol.

I genuinely trust you have the ability make even more better game in the future on account of this fantastic Etheria you've made.


(Spoiler) The box has drop a bit when my movement is rapidly. The particle effect error, sorry I don't have the blind effect version. The Mega Potion healing value display problem.

(2 edits) (+2) And here is an interesting lady I've met lol

I made it into a meme video, hope you like it;)

BGM: You Spin Me Round(like a record)

(2 edits) (+1)

I have only started playing and I like it so far! There are many elements and I'm enjoying exploring each one of them. 

 I do hope that dev can make MC move a little faster on the world map though. The enemy encounter rate is rather high on the world map so when these two factors combined together it makes moving across the map a rather tiring process


This game is amazing, it has a very good and well told story, classic rpg elements and captivating characters, congratulations on your great work.  Hugs from Edo (from Brazil).

I save at the campsite. Went into that next room. Then got hit by a black screen.. Reset. & got this error.. I reset again& it works fine. Love the Boss^^

Loved the game, but I can't, for the life of me, find Garet and the MC's ultimate weapon recipe :/ I can't find the last portal either, the one north east of Regull Port. Could anyone help?

Garet's Ultimate Weapon - Do his quest at snowbell village.
Mc's Weapon, At Arcius Ruins.
Portal is north of Dhalium Town

Fun adventureHuh, I didn't think it was possible to get stuck in here but I did it, completely on accident mind you too. Halp pls, should create an item for escaping to a town. *Inserts Escape rope joke here*

Hi there, you can press 'PG UP' to escape when doing these puzzles.

Oh. It was found durring a Su Cannon testdrive w/ new equipment.

Hi Demi=) i found this bug.. Um. Is there some kind of official bug/screenshot, dropoff?

Hi! I've included this bug fixtured on the bug report in the game description 05/06/2021. You may have to download the new update and move your save file over.

someone please help me I am stuck in the emerald forest I done the first two tasks but stuck on the third  every time I done it nothing happens

Make sure to reset the puzzle by talking to the bird first.
You can find the answers in the majority of the previous comments.

ok thank

Deleted 1 year ago

It's in Artellus.

Think my save might be bugged. I finished off the the king's request without finding the other portals and now I can't find them-are there any workarounds for this?

(2 edits)

Hi there, you only need to do the 1st portal to complete the second objective of the quest. After completing the 1st portal. You'll find 2 others including the 1st one to spawn randomly around the world map.  You can find the other two near Paradise Isle & near the Infested Cave. The portals after the 1st one serve as a reoccurring battle and drops.

Cool, thanks, I'll take a good look around.


Just got done finishing the game and I really enjoyed it! Nice work. Quick question: do you have any plans of doing new game+?

(1 edit)

Hi there! Thank you very much for playing and for enjoying the game! Unfortunately, I haven't made any plans for incorporating new game+

I just finished the game and its seems I cant save past defeating the final boss. I was wondering if its a bug or intented? also whether its possible to replay the 3 scenes?

Hi there, you should be prompted to save after seeing the end credit and ending scenes.
After saving you'll be given a Memory Stone to revisit all the scenes and the 3rd scene if you've unlocked it.

I see, thanks.

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