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I finish game, i got Memory stone.My question how i get get 3rd CG ?

Should be in the snow village :)

there some kind error then, lucky i make save lot data

The same question. Is there any tips for the 3rd CG? I search the hole village but failed.

If memory serves correctly, you'll need to finish the snow ruins scene first.
Go into the snow village hut where you can rest to take Goro's quest.
After completing it, go back to the hut.

Heya, I just beat your game and wanted to tell you that you did a pretty good job! I was also wondering if there was any 100% type completion bonuses as I'd be down to finish the last few things if there are. Anyways I wish you the best in your future projects :)!

Hi there! Thank you so much for playing, I hope you enjoyed it!
There are no 100% completion bonuses for the game.
But there is a synth completion percentage when you go to your synthesize menu.
An Ultimate weapon for each character.
And a total of 3 NSFW scenes if you haven't gotten the third one yet.

Hi does anyone know where can i find the brown slib? Its the last one that i havent found yet

Not sure where which one is specifically but
The first is found in a cave in the same forest map of the house
The second is found in the canyon/rock village in the outdoor living quarters on the right side.
The final slime is found in the port town in the bottom right corner hidden by the trees.

How do we get all characters Ultimate weapons?

For the protagonist return to the snow dungeon artifact room. walk past it and you will find a tile to step on. Next leave the dungeon and in the map tile you exit into you will find two other buildings  to enter. Enter one and finish the mini dungeon inside.
For Garet return to the snow village enter the buildings untill yyou find the side  quest.
For Lex return to the arena in lemuria.
For Slib find the portal on the left side of the long bridge.

I've just got to Regull, but I haven't been able to close out one of my quests.  Does anyone know where is the horn of the great beast? It's to craft the monster bangle. I don't know if I missed it or if it's coming up.

It's in the cave north of Regull

Thank you.  And thanks for the great game!

Hello, after saving on the world map, player character stopped moving.I don't know if the character got stuck or if it was saved at the moment I stepped on some kind of switch..., please could you restore the save data?

Hi, I moved your character's position and saved it elsewhere. Hope that fixes it.

Thank you! But it looks like the file has already been deleted...

I'm sorry, could you please upload it again?


How do I transfer the save file from an old computer to a new one?


If this is in the RPG Maker engine, there a sav folder in the game with different numbered saves.

Take them out and then put them, and the new game uploaded onto your new computer into the new sav folder.

Hello , pleasant day... Uhm , I was on "The Femura Territory" , I need some help to find the other two wheels. Thank you

Hi, make sure to hug the walls and/or follow the tracks.

Dearest apologies , I found it , thank you and have a great day

Uhm , great day??  I think I found a bug "where my character is stuck inside a npc" and this file has the most progress on journey. And yeah :( , Please can you fix this bug?

Save File :

Hi i moved your character elsewhere, you can download your save file here.

Hello, need help from an old game (OCEANBlues) just got it and got the folders but i can not find the file for MAC to play it.  Only file i see is the which does not open.  help would be appreciated as i couldn't ask on the game page.

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Hi there, if you cannot open the folder it could mean the file was corrupted when downloading. You might want to try and re-download it again.

This is the file path after opening

I'm having a problem with bits of the map being all black  i can walk around but can't see any thing

Hi there, I'm not entirely sure why this is happening.
I can only guess that it could be anything from an operating system to the graphics card you are currently running.
I know for sure that the graphics card must have the following specs for it to run.

OpenGL ES 2.0 hardware driver support is required for WebGL acceleration. (AMD Catalyst 10.9, nVidia 358.50), iOS 8.0, Android 4.4.4*

Further specs can be found here:

I'm running it on my phone thro joiplay app

Unfortunately, I've only released the game for the PC (Windows OS) only. So nothing is tested for phone usage.

Hey Bara, it's me again. I'm now at the Emerald Forest, and I'm at the part where it says that I have to go in the opposite directions that it says on the sign. I did that, and nothing is happening for some reason. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but it seems it's not getting me anywhere.

Hi, talk to the bird to reset the puzzle, then head (North,  North East,  East, West  ) You should be back at the same screen as the bird, now you should see a monster in front of the bird.

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Hey Bara, I absolutely love your game. You did such an awesome job on it! Also, I seem to be stuck at the first puzzle where I have to move around these blocks through that door in the Canyon area. I feel as though there is no solution and can't really progress. I just wish there was some sort of walkthrough so that I would be able to solve these super hard puzzles.

Hi there, I drafted up a small walkthrough with this puzzle. Hope it help and thank you for playing! 


Any way I can retrieve the recipe for Drey's ultimate weapon recipe? I already have Garet's, completed the event to get Garet's recipe, and am setting up for taking on the Darkspore portal and getting Lex's ultimate weapon recipe.

You can find his weapon recipe at the snow area inside the ruins/dungeon.

maybe i'm not paying attention but I can't seem to find where the thief went. at the game's start. 

Go back into the forest that you started and try the cave in the beginning area.


does this game include nsfw scenes?


Was walking on world map and suddenly my character is stuck, unable to move from that spot (tried restart but no luck) - right after Deep Valley event, piggyback moment lol.  Any ideas on how to fix this?

Save file just in case;


I took a look at your save file and double-check if any errors had occurred in the script or map, but nothing indicated that it should get your character stuck in the world map.

I've unstuck your character's position and should be working fine now.
Here's the save file :)

Hope that helps.

Thank you! Now all is well, cheers!

Sorry, it's me again!

I finished all the requests, and got the memory stone.

But using the stone directly doesn't seem to trigger anything...

Is there any other ways to use the stone?

Here's the save file if you need:

Thank you!


Hi, I think if memory serves right, you'll need to find a save point and a new option should come up.


Oh, I see the option now! Sorry I didn't notice that😅

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I can’t find the Clear Balm recipe.

I suppose the recipe should appear once I got the right flower? But I already got all six kinds of flowers, and the recipe is still missing.

The recipe is actually attached to the flowers themselves if you sell/craft them and reduce the amount to 0 the recipe will be removed.
So to retrain the recipe just keep one of each in your inventory :)

But I didn't sell/craft them, they are still lying in my inventory.

And the recipe is still missing. Here are the screenshots.

(BTW, I tried selling all the flowers, but the recipes were not removed like you mentioned)

Oh, that's good to know that the recipe doesn't get removed, I must've fixed it somewhere along the way and forgot about it.

Hmm, I'm just wondering what else it could be.
Normally by picking up the flowers from the maps that should add to the recipes found.

If you're still having problems, do send your save file over on
and I'll take a look at it.

OK. Here's the file:

Thank you!

(I'm guessing the recipe didn't get unlocked because I didn't have Eltio Leaf when I first obtain the flower. Just a guess, though...)

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Alright, I've figured it out.
There's no Ring Flower to pick up anywhere. ( I must've missed this when I edited some Shell Flowers in).
I'll make a quick fix to include some!

I've added some in  Green Valley and the Entrance of the Infested Cave. 
And while I was at it included some more flowers for those who want to 100% the recipe/crafting items.

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I'm having an issue when I leave the game or go to another load all the characters hp and mp get decreased especially Lex who gets 10 mp.

Hi, could you upload your save file using the following link, I'll take a look into it.

In the village in Arcius, the child Feraldian says he wishes his mommy was here. I can’t seem to find his mom. Wasn’t she taken by Lucis as well?

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I had to double-check this on my end and I completely forgot about the mother! 

I'll need to make a fix for this.

Edit - Uploaded a quick fix. Please make sure to move your Save folder elsewhere before downloading the new fix.

You will find the mother once you find Lucis.


Thanks for the quick fix!

Now they can be united😊

I went to the portal and nothing happened. How do WE find the darkspore portal?  

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Darkspore Portal can be found by going North from Dhalium Town. You will see a dark portal on the world map.

  • How do you get the final Wolf weapon
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You can find the recipe at the Lemuria Colosseum prize exchange NPC.

here's the problem that I can't go through the desert because of the knights

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I'm not entirely sure what part of the story segment you're currently at but completing the 'Help the Omegas in the slums' quest should prompt you to go back to your house in Lemuria, talk to Garet and then you can go to the desert.

thank you very much and sorry for my stupidity

Значок "Проверено сообществом"

I completed all 3 tasks

Oh if you continue with the main quest going into the Desert it should complete itself.

I can't figure out why the task is not updated lemuria kingdom, help the omegas in the slum 3/3
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If you're doing the 'Help the Omegas in the slums' you'll need to complete the rest of that quest list before it gets updated.

Someone help im stuck at the mines and cant do anything!! im going crazy over those wheels!!

If you're looking for more wheels. Hug the walls for passable areas.

thank you very much friend ^-^


Played the demo. Didn't like it. Actually, scratch that: I absolutely fucking hated it.  It's not as bad as another rpg-maker asset flip, but that's not saying much, unfortunately.


I will start with the good stuff though: graphically the game looks great. It is clear that a lot of effort was put into creating assets. The cast of characters (once you will be able to collect them all) look particularly diverse relatively to each other since none of them are of the same species.


The synthesis system is kinda cool, I like the fact that you can use it both in and outside the battle.


Unfortunately, that's where the positives kinda end.


Now for the bad stuff, a.k.a everything else.


First off the gameplay. One word to describe it: a grind fest.


The combat isn't particularly bad, but with the limited options available it transforms into yet another "spam attack button to win unless if the enemy has a weakness". This wouldn't be such a problem if battles were as frequent as they are. To add insult to injury, the random encounters are way too high, difficulty spikes are frequent, party members die too fast and deal too low amount of damage. The gameplay is just the worst embodiment of jrpg genre.


Do you know what else is the worst embodiment of jrpg? A fucking weapon upgrade system. Not only do you have to find a recipe, but you also have to somehow grind for resources to make those weapons. I for one am sick of this. Can't we just go back to basics where all we had to do is o find new loot in treasure chests and buy it from the store?


The world of the game looks kinda generic as well; with the only thing that is going for it is “alpha-omega” stuff. In addition, why they are called like that? Like, I sort of get the symbolism, but you DO realize that those are Greek letters? Are you telling me that the Greek civilization existed in this world? I don’t buy it.

The game has no story. I don’t really find it anywhere. The MC is just gets isekaied into a random fantasy world and then random shenanigans ensue. And it’s not like that concept can’t work (I mean undertale have pulled that off somehow) but with the lack of interesting characters, everything feels void and pointless.

Now for the characters.

My favourites are probably Su and Lex. They are just good boys, but that’s all I can really say about them.

Drey isn’t a character. He isn’t even a self-insert. He is just a plot device: a human MacGuffin being pushed by everyone else on the game board. He has no character, no personality, and acts like even he himself doesn’t really want to be in the game. For the majority of the game, he lacks the motivation to do anything, and at times when he DOES have motivation, it makes no fucking sense. Like, you decided to throw yourself into a cave full of bandits to rescue some green weirdo who abused you? What’s WRONG with you?

And then there is Gerat… oh boy. The only character who comes close to having an actual character… and he is probably the worst character in the game and one of the worst representations of Tsundere I have ever seen. I don’t even know where to start with him, other than saying that he is absolutely awful. I hate him and don’t give a single crap about his tragic backstory. The writer thinks that having a tragic backstory somehow justifies the character for being an absolute asshole. No, it’s not. Drey goes out of his way to help him… for some reason… and all he ever does is inflict emotional abuse upon him. Like, are you a fucking moron? Oh, wait, you ARE a fucking moron because instead of sticking to a single person who treated you with kindness and respect you instead decided to go back to captivity. Apparently while being a sex slave he got fucked really hard in his brain because his intelligence is really low. Gerat, please, find your brain.

I don’t have any wish to treat this character with even an iota of respect, and it seems Bara-Diction agrees with me because immediately after being freed from captivity he is used as a fap material right away in an incredibly forced sex scene between him and Drey… all the while being a rape victim beforehand. Not even Ann from Persona 5 was mistreated that badly.

Overall, the game is crap. I have been following Bara-Diction work for a while now, and the only thing he is good at is drawing furry porn. Probably just should stick with it and leave the game industry for, like, forever.


Long read! You must have woken up on the wrong side of your bed this morning.

Some interesting thoughts that I personally don't agree with at all but could read through and see. However, they're all sadly invalidated by your child-like outburst at the end personally attacking and trying to put down someone's hard work and creativity. 

If you're going to review a game, review a game, don't step on someone like that because you're too incapable of regular human interaction. 

I wish I had a clever thing to say tot mimic your "the only thing he is good at..." but sadly, there's nothing worth taking away from your post after ending it on such an idiotic note. You turned yourself into a troll, at best. I'd love to see a review where you actually spent effort into reviewing the game, not spewing irrelevant hate everywhere.

P.S If you're going to review a game, at least play it enough to know that the character is not named Gerat. 


I love how you are accusing me of being incapable of basic human interaction while you yourself are incapable of forming even a simple cohesive counterargument. All you are really good for is saying how you disagree with me without even mentioning why exactly you disagree with me. Kinda pathetic.

P.S. How is Distant Travels doing? I believe you have a much more important job to finish than talking with so-called trolls, don't you think?


Is this not a case of Critique vs Criticism?

It would hardly be called anything of a critique if at all any of the individuals key points never made any gesture of constructive commentary. If the subject at all was targeted with intent to be helpful or fruitful in anyway like so then maybe it could be agreed that this was a critique. Oh but do not forego the banter and clout this ‘thing’ had caused. If the aim was to oust the creator and paint them in a bad light then Lieni’s words should mean even less to you as it’s apparent this grudge spawns from elsewhere.

Ah but yes, before you attempt to reflexively respond to prove, disprove, or unwittingly mention what your definitions of a critique  or criticism is, do not bother because seeing as that is prone to outburst-ish behavior I’d rather not deal with that or the attitude just like Steel. 


The moment you started disrespecting the creator I lost all interest in reading your "review"

how do i get to arcius?

go to Regull Port

And find the captain at the bar after trying to get on the boat

Where can I find Orichalcum? And where is that last Slib? I got the the one in Regull and Artellis

Orichalcum can be found by defeating the Dark Behemoth in the Infested Cave.
The last Slib should be in Green Valley, inside a very small cave.

I'm on the fight against Gerard, but I only have enough essences to cast one synth. Is there any easy way to farm essences in this game?

I ran out and just took it head on. I'd grind, I'm pretty sure some enemies leave essences behind

Slave Merchant in Dhalium Town sells essences.

Heyo, doing a second run since the original game data was left on my old computer. I'm at the point of Regull Port and I'm trying to do bonus quests/assemble materials for equipment. Where can I find Clovers and Insect Shells?


I believe -if i remember correctly- You can get Clovers from Traplants monster and Insect Shells from any insect-like monsters.

hello! I have a small problem when any battle starts, which is that every party member has a black box that completely hides them from view. i found a post about this sprite issue, but i have no idea how to fix it myself. i'll try to tinker with it meanwhile. if you could help me fix this that'd be awesome! (also, is there a way to change keyboard controls from arrows to wasd? i need to go and buy a new keyboard soon, but it'd be nice to know if there's a way to change the keyboard control settings atm ). thanks in advance for the help, have a nice day! 

Hello, the black box graphical problem is due to the graphics card issue and whether it has OpenGL - (I'm not 100% sure but it seems like that is most likely the case for the issue).
It's been posted before that if you're running on an operating system of Windows 7 and earlier versions they will have performance issues that I'm unable to fix due to the program's limitations.

Unfortunately, there are no settings to change the key bindings to WASD. As the RPG maker program's default movement keys are only set to using arrow keys.
Another alternative to playing with mouse/keyboard is a controller if you haven't tried yet.

Does anyone know or have an idea how to do this, I did UP, UP, RIGHT, LEFT but still nothing happens

Need help trying to solve this one, been the bane of my existence in the game :(
Deleted 1 year ago

What you wanna do is leave the bottom box alone, and then push the other two boxes on top of the  bottom. That way you can just easily push the top most one over to the right and then do the others as you would.

does anyone know how  defeat the first elemental? I cant get past it and i dont know where to find gerard

I seemed to have soft locked myself...

(1 edit)

Rip Progress

There was a fix for this.
Press the 'pg up' button on your keyboard to reset the character position when doing block puzzles.

Thanks for the reply! Though I already went back to a previous save, unfortunately. It would be nice if there was a clearer indication for the position reset, or a save point right before the puzzle room just in case.

Hmm, I seem to be stuck on "Search for the next artefact" in Femura. Not sure what I'm meant to be doing. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thx~

Wait a sec, found it. There was a staircase in Balora Town in the northeast corner.

I have lost money and I have to find the whereabouts of the thief I am confused about where to look I have been around but can't find anyone who can help me

Go back to the forest and check the cave.

so im stuck at Dhalium Town. Garet left and i got lex now. but iv talked to everyone but wont let me leave the town. what do i need to do? it would help me greatly!

After speaking to everyone in town, including the people inside the Inn. Go speak to the mayor.


i took my damn time to finish this game, played and tried to 100% it all, i bet i missed something but anyway, everything worked so damn fine on my end, the dificulty spiked just right and theres many possibilities with builds witch just made it more fun, and i love secret hunting and this game gave me so many to do, and i got really well rewarded, im so thankfull to help it get done and im so thankfull for what came out of it, i shared this with so many friends, and some of them bought and enjoyed it as well, i forgot to make my post off the game, sorry demi, you can slap my butt one day! 

but overall this game is Truly a gem, and i will replay it again some other time and make a lot of fun builds and see if i can beat the game. You are amazing my friend and im hoping to see more stuff done by you <3. 100/10

With a lot of love,


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