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After receiving  a message from your uncle,  you make your way to Milton Town. You have been asked to take care of his property for 30 days until he returns.

What will become of your stay?

Download contains My Part Time Lover.zip - Please unzip the  folder before playing! Comes with a Wallpaper in the game file.
A dating game made  with RPG MAKER MV. For WINDOWS only!

(18+) Please note, this story contains explicit scenes and is for adult only!

Latest Update
[Bug Fixes/// 27/06/2019 - 11:28PM GMT]
Earth Champion Support Card not healing after battle, Fixed
[Bug Fixes/// 26/06/2019 - 13:48PM GMT]
[Bug Fixes/// 15/06/2019 - 13:48PM GMT]
[Bug Fixes/// 14/06/2019 - 01:33AM GMT]
[Bug Fixes/// 12/06/2019 - 11:35AM GMT]
[Bug Fixes/// 11/06/2019 - 19:08PM GMT]
[Bug Fixes/// 11/06/2019 - 4:49AM GMT]
[Bug Fixes/// 11/06/2019 - 3:44AM GMT]
[Bug Fixes/// 10/06/2019 - 9:42AM GMT]

-Cannot find Pudgy_1.png error.
-Night Event and swapping of NPC's from night to day. Fixed.
-Random access of bulletin board event for certain NPC's before triggering the quest from the bulletin board. Fixed.
-Fixed a small bug when playing the arcade machines that doesn't trigger at times.
Day 6 to 9 Notification pop up for Griff.  Ricky unavailable to find on Day 9,  Fixed
- Day 13 Daz Event at the bar does not trigger. Fixed!
- Day 7 - Ricky is still at the Convenient Store during the night. Should only be during the day. Fixed 
- Removed Ziggy at convenient store during the night, fixed.
-Removed Pander while triggering  a Daz event during the day. Fixed.
Day 8. Leon notification error for bulletin board quest. Fixed.
-Leon Choice Route at antique store bug, when selecting option 1. Quest for searching him becoms active. This is incorrect and is fixed.
-Daz Bakery Events, sudden pause of the character preventing from moving but music and other moving animation is still functioning. Most likely due to conflicting events. Fixed

-Ultimate recipe description error,  fixed  
Recipe list, error for displaying 25 instead of 23, fixed

For those who purchased the game, these errors will hinder your game play. Please download the game again. You may take your old save data from the previous game and move it to the fixed game. The fixed bug may not apply to your saved game, if this is the case you may have to start again or load a older save file if the error persists.

Spoiler Alert - For those who want to play easy and casually here's the full guide to each characters route. Please be aware you can only date one character at a time, replay-ability is available after completing a route and saving.


Buy Now$12.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $12.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

My Part Time Lover 373 MB


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i found the cat on leon route but wheres the staff?

where is puzzle pieces three for Leon scene.

why is it not let me download it 

Check your Library/downloads. It should be in there.

Can anyone tell me how to get all puzzle pieces and posters, cause i'm missing a few, thanks!

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In 12 day. I already talk Griff and looking for Ricky.Then i went to Ricky's school and talk npc and he said run towards to museum. But i can't find him anywhere. I already  search abandon old house and look everywhere. But still no luck find him.

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Hi, try searching for him at the abandoned house on day 13.

Thank you for your help Bara!

I've finish all the character. The story and the feeling its really amazing! Griff,Daz and Leon are the best lover! Do you have plan make My Part Time Lover 2 in the future? I really love it so much!

Hi, unfortunately there wont be a No.2 for this project but I'm glad you had much fun with the game! 

Aww thats really sad. Well i really enjoy this game so much. I can't wait buy another new game of your vn! Take your time Bara!

Hi, I will most likely not be making another VN again. If anything I'm currently working on this and might be my last project, but who knows! https://bara-diction.itch.io/my-time-at-etheria-demo

I'm trying to do Leon's route  I have no idea how to do finding alpha badge


Alpha badge is located at the red post box outside the bar

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where can i find the ring?

Bulleton board said lost on the way to the pier.

Left side of the ice cream machine. 

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Deleted 262 days ago
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hey can someone tell me where all of puzzle set 3 are i have searched all over town cant find them

or at least give me instructions please 

p.s is their any in the gym or jumba 

ive go over 5 strength however character is still saying the vending machine is busted

It's not the vending machine you need it's the grey door that's on the top right.

how much strength do you need to open vending machine beside  arcade 

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 how much chrismsa do yo need  for library book and how much strength for vending machine near arcade

Library book? I dont remember this being part of leon's route.

whos route then because i thought  it was on of the items from board inside police station

I think its 5 strength

how in leons  route do you get the library book because i spoke to the guys out side the bar and i have got both badges 

Hey Bara! (can I call you that?) I saw your comic 'Let Me Fix It!' and I absolutely LOVE it! I'm someone from a different country that doesn't have dollars. Will you be releasing this for free anytime soon?

Hi there! Sure bara is fine. Unfortunately i won't be releasing a free version for this since it helps with other future projects.

Where is the bag located for the billboard missions on Leons route?

Its the old couple sitting outside the bakery during the day.

Do you know where the ring is near the pier by any chance?

What is the difference between the version you can purchase here and the "gold version" on patreon?

No difference, Patreon is for those that have contributed and supported my project. That said my patreon is mainly for art initially but working on the game was part of a bonus.

how do you get kiosk puzzle set 3  i spoke to the guy at the checkout  where

you get    the baking stuff and i talked to the guy who is looking for other parts of his recipe.

Outside the gym, there is a small stand there, interact with that and you should be able to talk to the guy in the kiosk. if you're lvl 3+ you should be able to get the puzzle piece. 

iv  got all the posters what do you do with them?

Each poster has a clue on them which leads to getting the puzzle piece set 3.

Are there plans on making this game available for mac users?

Unfortunately it is required to have a Mac when deploying for Mac users to play, unfortunately I do not owe one so I won't be releasing this for Mac.

how do you get the last  1st poster for the beasts  thing i have almost got  all of them  i just need the first plz help 


You need to complete the Porter dialogue. Speak to him outside the library,  then speak to him again inside Jumba store FL3,  then speak to him inside the library and finally, you have to beat him in a card game inside the Arcade. 

Deleted 294 days ago

Have a look at the cars in the school parking lot, you should find it around there

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I think I encountered a bug with the Summoner Hero Card. I summoned an earth slime and after the battle the game still thinks the slime is in my party. For some reason this completely messes up my controls in the map and when I change locations I'm teleported one tile before I should teleport. Playing the card machines and letting the minion die doesn't help any.

EDIT: I think I know why the controls are a bit messed up. The game thinks I'm controlling the slime in the map, and since it doesn't have a sprite in the map, it's invisible, but it's there and my character is just following

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Hi there! Thanks for letting me know about this bug, I will look into this further.
Was this perhaps the summoning Hero card? Or was it the Summoning Support Card?

I only encountered this bug with the summoning Hero card, the support card seems to work just fine, at least as far as I can see

Thank you!

The Demo of this game was so good! It's a shame I can't really spare this for the full thing. maybe one day!

How do I find the lost cat for Leon's route?

I'm only missing the carrot cake recipe... Is that one of the random ones you receive from working 5-hour shifts at the bakery? If so, I guess I'm super unlucky.. ha. :)

Uhh, did I do something wrong? It's still not letting me have the third picture. 

Puzzle Set 3, you only have 7 pieces, need the 8th one.

Oooooh, thanks. Sorry, I suppose I missed that part

hey bara diction  im stuck too how do you get  the 1st hunks and beats poster also do you need  itemfor the  lion dude mini game 

You need to complete the Porter dialogue. Speak to him outside the library,  then speak to him again inside Jumba store FL3,  then speak to him inside the library and finally, you have to beat him in a card game inside the Arcade.

How do I raise intelligence past 6 

Play the invisible maze game next to the library otherwise do the bulletin board from the polie station (Bulletin board is linked to Leon's route).

Iv done the invisible maze but it says I need to raise my intelligence  witch is at 6

Its stuck at 6 at the maze the guy there just says I need to raise my intelligence  to play and I'm not sure how to proceed

How do you increase Charisma?

After 6pm, work at the bar.

How do u obtain blue fruit for office clerk?


Go to the small stand outside next to the police station. Buy the blue fruit seeds, go back home and plant them into one of the three pots, buy water and water it everyday.  

I want this Mac ver... T_T

I collected 21 recipes but where are the rest exactly for Croissant? I need to do casino quest, thx. This is good game ^ ^

You should get some recipes for working 5 hours at the bakery a few times. I think Croissant is one of them.

That's mean I have to use my luck on  new game+, haha, thx.

I'm missing two more that I assumed doing the 5 hours thing would at least give me but I'm not having any luck? the recipes I already have are the cookies, bread, apple and mixed fruit pie, choco. cake, croissant, choco chip cookies, blueberry muffin, mixed fruit cake, strawberry tart, coffee walnut cake, egg, BLT, cheese, chicken and ultimate sandwich, regular/chocolate/strawberry doughnuts, the two jams, green tea and carrot cake 

Hi there, that should be all the recipes, the last  two are bugs by the looks of it. I'm on my way to fix it now.

Oh! FINALLY I was giving myself a mind-grain with not being able to 100% everything! thats a load off my mind, thank you :D

Hello again! Just two questions this time

So I managed to get the kiosk to have the ultimate recipe, however when looking at the ingredients, there's two that look weird? These two say \ii[27] and ii[82]x3

Lastly trying to do the puzzle maze at intelligence 21, keep being told to raise it but when should the next bullitan board quest show up? Last I did was the ring and I'm now on day 10

The bulletin board quests are tied to Leons Route. In order to continue you need to do his events. I will look into the ultimate recipe description. 


Stuck on Leon's route day 10. Finished all the bulletin board thing and left with a note that I cant figure out. According to the guide I am supposed to find the alpha's badge or something and how do i do that?

U is Up

L is Left

R is right

D is down

The numbers are the steps.

downloaded the game a couple days ago and have been loving it, i finished Daz's route and decided to go for leon next, the only problem is that i have been trying for hours to find the ring from the police bulletin board with no success, i feel like its driving me crazy, any tips?

Upper left area of the pier next to the ice cream cart.


Is there a guide to get all recipe? I still missing 2 recipes.

this, I still need two more as well

alright so it looks like those two are actually bugs, theres only 23 recipe

Anyone else struggling to find Ricky on day 12? He isn't at the Greenery


Please make sure you have the latest update of the game before playing. If you need help here is the link to the guide. https://www.patreon.com/posts/my-part-time-27542597

Ah okay, thank you for the help love the game ^^

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