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How do you increase Charisma?

After 6pm, work at the bar.

Deleted 1 year ago

Go to the small stand outside next to the police station. Buy the blue fruit seeds, go back home and plant them into one of the three pots, buy water and water it everyday.  

I want this Mac ver... T_T

I collected 21 recipes but where are the rest exactly for Croissant? I need to do casino quest, thx. This is good game ^ ^

You should get some recipes for working 5 hours at the bakery a few times. I think Croissant is one of them.

That's mean I have to use my luck on  new game+, haha, thx.

I'm missing two more that I assumed doing the 5 hours thing would at least give me but I'm not having any luck? the recipes I already have are the cookies, bread, apple and mixed fruit pie, choco. cake, croissant, choco chip cookies, blueberry muffin, mixed fruit cake, strawberry tart, coffee walnut cake, egg, BLT, cheese, chicken and ultimate sandwich, regular/chocolate/strawberry doughnuts, the two jams, green tea and carrot cake 

Hi there, that should be all the recipes, the last  two are bugs by the looks of it. I'm on my way to fix it now.

Oh! FINALLY I was giving myself a mind-grain with not being able to 100% everything! thats a load off my mind, thank you :D

Hello again! Just two questions this time

So I managed to get the kiosk to have the ultimate recipe, however when looking at the ingredients, there's two that look weird? These two say \ii[27] and ii[82]x3

Lastly trying to do the puzzle maze at intelligence 21, keep being told to raise it but when should the next bullitan board quest show up? Last I did was the ring and I'm now on day 10

The bulletin board quests are tied to Leons Route. In order to continue you need to do his events. I will look into the ultimate recipe description. 


Stuck on Leon's route day 10. Finished all the bulletin board thing and left with a note that I cant figure out. According to the guide I am supposed to find the alpha's badge or something and how do i do that?

U is Up

L is Left

R is right

D is down

The numbers are the steps.

downloaded the game a couple days ago and have been loving it, i finished Daz's route and decided to go for leon next, the only problem is that i have been trying for hours to find the ring from the police bulletin board with no success, i feel like its driving me crazy, any tips?

Upper left area of the pier next to the ice cream cart.


Is there a guide to get all recipe? I still missing 2 recipes.

this, I still need two more as well

alright so it looks like those two are actually bugs, theres only 23 recipe

Anyone else struggling to find Ricky on day 12? He isn't at the Greenery


Please make sure you have the latest update of the game before playing. If you need help here is the link to the guide.

Ah okay, thank you for the help love the game ^^

Hi theres a bug after around day 3 or 4 where I finish the board requests but no more appear, but when I talk to the old lady she still pulls up the dialogue about the missing bag.

Also on Day 10 when entering the bakery any days it locks you at the entrance and you cant move and have to quit the game.

Hi please check the bug reports. The ones you are encountering has all been fixed. If you havent downloaded the new version on the updated game please do so before playing.

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The board request can be continued on day 5. Its tied down to leon's route so some quests can only be accessed by doing his route. Here's the full guide if you need help.

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I'm curious do you keep puzzle pieces in New Game +? What exactly does it unlock anyway? Can someone please tell me how many of each I should have as well to have a complete set? Also I completed the Camera Bulletin quest but didn't get a puzzle piece, did I do something wrong?  

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Yes. All puzzle pieces are carried over to new game plus, you'll be able to access ending bonus in the museum. 

10 day Leon I do not know what to do, what quest?
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Guide Posted on Patreon:


I can not find Finding Alpha badge

I purchased the game but didn't  obtain a copy of it.

Hi there, please check the My Library or My purchases page. If the payment has already gone through it should be there.
If not please send me your paypal e-mail address to  and I will have a look into this for you.

I sent it

I'm not sure if I'm just completely missing it, but where is the casino?

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you can get only at night, it's the door after the card game shop, and where you get the night 3 leon event

You'll need a strength of 5 if I'm not mistaken. It's next to the card shop.


How can i get intelligent without puzzle?

I made int to 6, and i can’t play puzzle. 

What should i do?

you can also get by completing the police bulletin board jobs, finding the missing itens

I've updated the game today, and for now, it is working fine. Already played the card game and finally found the kid lol.

For my surpize, I've won a 4 7!!!1

Does anyone knows how to get the croissant recipe for the lion in the casino, also how do you get the bottom thing on the museum extra area, it says there's no instruction and i already completed all the routes

If I'm not mistake, with the guy in the playground, at night. Give him a choco crisp.

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for that last painting, I just collected all the other puzzle pieces and did everyone else's routes, though I'm curious about some of the white out ones

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i already did that and only got the top paintings, but the one in the lower corner that said it dosn't have instructions i don't have

To get the last painting on the bottom right, go through all the three puzzle piece paintings before going to the bottom right painting.

Thanks for all the help before, now where can one find that sweet blueberry jam recipe?

Kiosk outside, next to the gym. You have to be a certain level to access it. :)

i have purchased the game but i did not receive a copy i used pay pal

please help me


Hi there, I'm not sure what happened to your purchase as you're the third person it's happened to. This link  might help if you've already paid for the game.

i have already tried this but it has not worked


Have you also tried your itch account, My Library or My purchases page? If the payment has already gone through it should be there.

i just checked its not there


Ok, thanks for checking that as well, could you please send me a direct e-mail to with your paypal purchase e-mail address please. I'll sort this out for you.

Unsure if I'm missing something or I hit a bug. Leon, day 8, I've done his event then found the badge. After handing it in, Leon still just says his default repeating lines, and I keep getting the Leon Event popup in my room. Do I have to speak to him somewhere else?

If you haven't done so already, he's outside at night, south of the police station.

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Yeah I've done the event to the south, then got the badge afterwards. I've also tried reloading from an earlier save and the same thing has happened. If he's meant to be south again after that, then he's not there for me.

I just checked the game, a small notification bug on my end. After the Event on the south, and doing the badge quest, talk to him at night on day 10.

That did it! Thanks for your help! :)

Glad  I could help! The bug is now fixed with a new update.

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I'm having trouble figuring out where to find all the Puzzle pieces. If you can make a guide to those that would be cool. I noticed you did leave hints on where to find the 3rd puzzle set, however getting them isn't exactly easy especially the puzzle maze DX

On another Note the game was pretty good. Story wise as a nice pace but a lot of Mechanics are missed without much guidance. For example I did not know you can plant seeds in your house, it took me awhile to figure that out on my own. 

I'll say I expected a bit more content. Beside the 3 main character choices I was hoping for a bit more with the extra characters, unless I'm missing something. I have completed 1 playthrough and finished the 2nd route on New+ I'm currently working on Leon's route next on my 3rd playthrough. I'll say I like rpgs a lot and this is an amazing VN-RPG approach and I hope to see more works like this in the future.

Hello, thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you had fun playing the game.

Besides the mechanic for planting and growing your own fruit, the other mechanic in the game which hasn't been explained is the love making scenes with 3 other characters that you can find.
Boar - Office Block
Bull - Pier at night time
Lion - Casino
All of them requires completing their little tasks and plenty of charisma.
Hold space bar/OK button to play with them when mini game appears.

Puzzle Piece Set 1 - can be found inside the casino exchanging casino coins to one of the NPC's, You can play the slot machine to get more coins. - You need tokens to to get coins, to get more tokens do the marathon at the pier or use the arcade gacha machine.

Puzzle Piece Set 2 - 3 of these found around town that requires strength to open. Museum NPC, that requires charisma. The vending machine outside the bar, and a library book.

Puzzle Piece set 3 - Can be found using the hint on the posters.
Posters can be found by completing the 3 characters events:
Office Block, top floor trading food
The NPC's at the bar outside during the night, needs Charisma
Library book
Bulletin Board quest


Awesome Thanks. I actually finished my 3rd playthrough and started finding everything else out on my own haha. 

I suppose even without a guide it wasn't too hard to figure out but if this becomes the base for a future and longer story you may want to add a tutorial for first time events of certain tasks. Or like since we have access to a library some hints on what to do around town like gardening, playing tournaments, Moving Objects and seducing NPCs. Or a twist on that depending what new story you write in the future.

I will say the game had a lot of mini games that made the story fun.  I'm not a fan of the puzzle mazes though, that was probably the longest time I spent trying to get a puzzle piece. Other than that good story and fun game.

Some minor spelling errors and glitches with the slot machines but other than that everything runs pretty smoothly. Hope you keep this up! 


Thank you for playing and feedback!
It is certainly a good learning experience making this game, if I ever make another game I'll be sure to work on those feedback and implement them. I hope you enjoyed the bonus stuff in the museum :)

i couldnt trigger the Daz's even on day 25. I already followed your guide.

Any advise?

On the 20th you can only Talk with one of the 3 characters to go on a Date with at the Market Place. Only Leon can be dated after the 20th. Its possible you forgot to talk to Daz on the 20th day. The date is how you can receive the last 1+ affection to trigger the 25th day event. 

Maybe i have to talk to him twice then because i remember after day 19 event, it was already day 20 and i did talk with him in the bakery.

where to go for leon on day 25?

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Is there a guide to the events? I can't seem to find the leon events

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I will upload the full guide soon. You can find it on the description box of My Part Time Love page.


Great game! I went through it pretty fast like i do with most games for the first time, couldn't find where the event of the 25th night for leon and not sure if i missed something but after the 25th night no new events appeared until the end of the game

Day 25 with his route, speak to him at the police station. That should be the last event with him until day 30.

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anyone do daz event day 20 lol ? my game freezes on day 20 if you go to the police after 1pm 

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Might need to restart and load your last saved game. - If you also haven't done so, I fixed a few bugs today and released another version earlier. If you bought the game before then it might be the case.  Please read the game description on the game page. 

Daz route Day 18 at night - outside bakery event
Day 20 you need to speak to him at the bakery. His event will trigger if you have at least 8 affection point.

thank u ill reinstall :)

There's is now a full guide on the game description page if you ever need it :)

Love the game so far! What 3 NPCs require charisma to interact with? 


Any characters after talking will indicate a small heart emoji meter.
Boar  at the office block
Lion at the small casino
Bull outside the pier at night

Okay, so for whatever reason, I can’t seem to trigger the first Leon event. How do I do that?

Go to the police station. 3rd night he's outside the card arcade center.

Thank you very much. 

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day 5 leon event hes at the police dept but says the same thing he always dose and everything is close in town ive been everywhere. hopefully someone make a walkthrough for the game lol

What was the last event that you had with him?

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something about a videotape by the casino then the next night it says leon quest and hes at the police but dosent say anything different

Ok then I think after that it’s either in the grocery store or going all the way down past the police station

i found it the next day at the supermarket by the bakery thank you

No problem 


Walkthrough is now available, please find the link on the bottom of the description box.

maybe i am too bad at gaming  but i couldnt seem to figure out how this game work. lol. On  day 13 14, it kept reminding me of Daz event at evening but i couldnt seem to find him anywhere.

He should be at Jumba store if not then it's the bar.

Yeah i already met him at Jumba and talked about the “pan” which is too expensive. i also have tried to find him jn the bar. I will try to look for him again. I am so bad at game like this 

hey its me again i have the same problem cant find him

Day 10 - Jumba at night.
Day 13 - Bar at night.
Day 18 - Outside Bakery store at night.

Day 10 - Jumba at night.
Day 13 - Bar at night.
Day 18 - Outside Bakery store at night.

I looked into it. There was a bug on this event. I've gone  and fixed this please download the game again.

ive tried around but still cant clear the event the notice just repeats every day

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I've looked into this, it's a bug. I've fixed and tested  it. Please go ahead and download the game again.

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Guys. I don't kown what I'm doing wrong, but I can't save the game. There is some kind of trigger to save the game?

I've found it! The bed. 

Great game, at least the fist day. Tomorow I'll try to explore the city.

Bara, I bought the game but I don't have the download link. I sent you an email. 

Hi there, your e-mail hasn't come trough to me. Would it be possible to try sending it again with attached payment e-mail address. Thank you. 
You're the second person this has happened to, I assume it's an error in processing the payment/game.

It's ok. I got it now. Thanks

Can't find the kid after he steals. Help?

Go south from the police station to the next map area

i went there and nothing is happening :( 

After you find Ricky at the convenient store, he will run away. To find him, head towards the police station and go south towards a new map, make sure you go there during the day, you'll find him standing there next to the water.

thanks i found him had t oreload

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I've followed these instructions completely but I do not see him. Possible bug?

Edit: Well by day I'm guessing you mean early morning?? He wasn't there at 10/11AM but he was there at 7AM the next day.

A full guide is on the game's description box if you need help with their routes.

I just found a bug, if you are on day 9, the event notification will trigger, but the event for finding Ricky will no longer be available. However, you should still be able to find him between Day 7 - 8. I will correct this bug and re-upload the game file.

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could someone tell me where to find the kid after he runs away from school?

Nm got it lol

im actually still stuck on this, cant seem to find him at the greenery map left of the museum

there is a patch of sand just above that shack he should be facing that stone wall 

I've got a problem with the purchase and send you an E-Mail about it @Bara-Diction.

No problem, I've replied to your mail. Hope it helps.

Is there going to be a Mac version? 

Hello, unfortunately since I run a windows computer, compiling the game from a Windows platform to Mac platform causes the game to be unplayable for mac users. I've already looked into this during making the game and tried finding a solution but I'm afraid I won't be able to get this game out for Mac. Unless you have a platform to run windows games.

Will there be a mobile version in the future

when i tried to play game with Porter it said Error: failed to load Pudgy_1.png

Where was  this interaction with Porter taken place?

In the game center i guess. He invited me to play the “card game” with him.

I've fixed this issue, please check bug report I have placed up on the main page of my game's description and download the game again.

Thank you

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