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When does the Demo end? I am not sure if I am just wandering at this point or can I find the guy that bumps into me


the guy who bumps into you is at the cave in the begining area with the first save.

Thanks a millio

np i had difficulty as well

That's rather odd, I couldn't find him anywhere. I rescued and healed the doggy, bumped into him at Elm village, and I can't go into Fara Mountains because I need to do "something". So I saw this comment, I decided to go back to the cave with first save. He isn't at the cave. I'm pretty stumped and I don't know what I'm missing.

hmm i bumped into him and couldnt go anywhere so i explored and went back there and found him with somebody else thats scolding him.....


Speaking to the lady at the inn first before going back to the cave

Deleted 3 years ago

I'm so sad cause the game won't be finished for over a year most likely. I mean this is an JRPG in development since that's loads of work especially all by one person too. Still this starts off very promising, can't wait for the full release to see this story in all it's glory :D

Did you compose the music yourself or were those royalty free tracks? I ask because I loved the music so much too.

i was looking through the comments and saw jrpg and now literally have to install it

i played it and cant wait for it to be finished.

Hi all music used in the game belongs to the composers. Check the credits page for more info :)


incredible. Highly recommend. Good work

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