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For some reason it won't let me save, do I need to be at a certain point to save?

Also I pin all the furry games on my task bar but for some reason your share the exact same pin as another game called small on top, but when I click the pin it opens small on top and not MTAE this has never happened before

Saving can only be done via save crystals and when you're outside on the world map.

As for the issue with the pinned games on your taskbar, I'm afraid I have no idea why that happens.

I love the story so far, Su is freaking adorable and how all the characters interact are amazing I'm gonna follow and buy when available this game for sure

Is there anything new? it says it's been updated. Just wanted to know if I should download.

Just some bug fixes towards the game. The demo stays the same length to what it was originally. 

why dose it look like the battle screen is zoomed in way to much also the main character sprite is just a black box in battle. any way to fix this? the game is stil playable but its a little annoying.


i have the same problem

after I finished the demo I read the games page more and may have found why. The game has errors in it if you play from a hard drive and they suggest moving the game to the desktop to fix it. I never tried it because I was already finished the demo but you may want to try that. If you used the itch app just go to the game in your library and click explore files. Then just move that to it's own folder on your desk top. 


good demo

pls never remove the curse from Gerat, he is perfect like he is now

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great game i can't wait for thr next chapter.

the forest scene will be the only nsfw or you are planning to add more of these?

pd. Gerat looks a lot like an buff version of Puar from dragon ball


There will be more NSFW scenes for the rest of the game.

help... cant stop dreaming about garet hahaha

Hi B.D,

The game can't load cause something missing. Pls Help.

On my way to fix this!

Please try downloading the game again, the image that wasn't in the file has been added.

Yes, It working. Thank B.D  :D

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omg! the story is sooooo good. the character is so beautiful and freak! the cg is so amazing.... ahh after all that bosses we could finally make out hahaha. my efforts are worth it!!! cant wait for the next chapter.

Thank you for playing!

thank you for your hard work to!! 

I don't know what it is about this game, but randomly it crashes on me and I don't know why. It's happened about 4 times now.

Hi there! Sorry for the bugs, I have fixed the problems that causes the game to crash and will be uploading a new version at the beginning of next month!

When battle begin, my screen zoom to enemy and can't see allies. 

Hi there! Sorry about this, it's due to a bug in the game which is hard to locate until the crash pops up. I have fixed the problems that causes the game to do this and will be uploading a new version at the beginning of next month!


I absolutely love the quality of this game (sprites, hraphics, game mechanics. etc), feels almost like it was made by the whole team rather than solo developer, but MY GOD Gerat is annoying piece of crap. He even worse than Goro from Ocean Blues, which is really low bar to reach. Speaking of -- Bara, why do you fetishes such an abusive, toxic realationship so much? Cuz this shit is not normal. 

Back to the topic -- Gerat's personality needed top either improved and make him keep all of his insecuriaties within (exept maybe one-two occasions), or make protag less of a pushover and make him punish him eith his op magic each time this stupid lizard says his stupid shit. Otherwise... yeah.

Sorry, probably a bit rude from me. But I need to say it.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! 

To answer your question:

'Bara, why do you fetishes such an abusive, toxic realationship so much? Cuz this shit is not normal.'

As you start the game their relationship with each other are just simply acquaintances/strangers, with no real love interest.
It's not to say I 'fetishize' an abusive and toxic relationship on purpose because that would be very wrong and in everything I'm trying to convey in my game.

Since the world is built upon the harsh rules of 'Alpha' and 'Slaves' I wanted to portray the anxiety, unfairness and stressful situations that majority of  slaves that are born has to go through, Garet with no exceptions. Some are worse than others depending on their experience in the world. And since it's a story based around the world presenting itself to the characters living in that, it was hard trying to find moments to add Garet being happy or have a better attitude about certain things early in the game, which is why he expresses himself negatively to begin with and having little to no trust.

His emotions might be a little extreme to begin with but that's due to his life experience, I'm not sure how far you've played into the game but after the fight with Gerard he'll become better and more understanding in personality.

I hope that answers your question!

Thanks again for playing!

Agreed. Although it's painful to live with bandits, he could at least have a master and be alive for a while. Now he'll face the most notorious gang and will be tortured to his death with a totally stranger who know nothing about this world. It's rediculous to love someone who just give you a free meal.

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To love someone who has just gave you a free meal is rediculous. To have a basic human decency and respect for a person who not only gave you a free meal but also willing to relinquish you from slavery just like that, for free -- is not.

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Not every effort cause an instant result, just like Rome wasn't built in a day. Garet hasn't unchanged at all.

It describes a world floats on the belts of Alphas, Betas and Omegas. And there always has reasons why it exist just like our civilization. They obey the rules and valves which are completely different from our lands.

Comparison isn't for the situation when the modern tinted glasses on, especially without the environmental conditions. Look back at our slave era -- if you forcely help a slave escape from the farm, please image, would he thank for your kindness because he could end his life early after a deadly chase from masters from vast lands, or curse you for taking the painful peace for him away?

You have a point, however I still think that for Drey being rewarded for being treated less shity than before after he offers Garet free meal, place to stay, freedom from slavery AND being rescued from bandits (which, by the way, was a totally Garet's fault) is WAY too much effort for such character. I'm not sure Garet is worth that much, honestly

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Hey! i'm glad that you answered on my post. Thought I have something else to say. 

First off, As I explained in the post below, there is a thing like "love at first sight" and than there is a thing like a "basic human decency" which is still a common thing between acquaintances/strangers. Yeah, I understand, Garet isn't human(here, i finally got his name right), and he is a terrible misanthrope, but even he should be able to express at least some  respect and reciprocity to a guy who offered him a meal and a place to stay. For free. Not only that, he actually should be happy that he finally found at least someone in this harsh world who treats him like normal person.

And secondly: if Garet shouldn't trust Drey, than why Drey should trust him? This green weirdo robbed him, attacked him and now forcing him to go for a quite far away just to free him from slavery while showing absolutely no gratitude whatsoever. Hell, he isn't really in position to demand anything! Drey has absolutely no motivation to help him to begin with, let alone to go on such kinds of consessions and put up with his horrible behaviour along the way, yet he does it anyway. Um... why? 

And thirdly there are other more efficient ways to show insecurities of a character without making a character an unlikeable asshole. Making a character with a tragic backstory isn't an escuse to let his toxic behaviour slide. No matter how tragic your character is, if he behaves like a total douchbag, nobody will care. OR you can, but if that's the case that this character should have a serious, serious redemption or emotional reconcilliation with a another character with whom he previusly behaved like a total asshole. I have played your game up to the sex scene between Drey and Garet and saw none of it.

P.s. I really hope that doesn't sounds like I attack you. I'm just interested in the discussion. 

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Hi there sorry for the late reply!

There so many points about Garet that have yet to be explored, but either way, there's been points where he has come across  bit too extreme, due to his old personality.  I've gone over the story again and reviewed the comments on here.

So, I've brushed up the dialogue a little for the beginning part of the story for Garets interaction, hopefully he doesn't come across as extreme as before and instead made him more weary and standoffish.

P.S. No offence  taken! :)

aww... sweet! but i like him a kinda grumpy to haha

hmm hmm. i agree with you. imagine what if your in his position. trusting people is already a hard choice for because everyone treats him like a trash. his a slave after all. and please dont talk bad things about him.... his pretty sweet after all haha damn...


great game i loved every second of it

Hey! Recently tried your game out, and just wanted to give my two cents on it:

1 - Please DON'T do sometihng about Gerat's personality too much! He can be difficult to deal with, but it's an accurate characterisation for someone who's been through what he has, and it's a lot easier to understand his actions and worries taking that into view.

2 - Please add more save points, especially after story events! I've had the game crash on me 3 times now, and it would be so much easier to just jump right back into it if the save points weren't spread so far apart, forcing me to repeat so much just to get back to where I was.

Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it!
I'll take them into consideration!
As for the crashes that's been happening, I've managed to fix this on my side. I'll have to patch this up for the demo soon.

Love the game! Just curious, can we use the save from the last update? I did, A LOT of grinding to get to where I was at, and even that was pretty difficult 


Once the game is complete you may need to start over, due to certain mechanics in the game that may change and I might add. Also areas like the bandit cave/monster are really difficult so that will also be adjusted. Hopefully this won't be too grindy for early game which I noticed from a lot of feedbacks.

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Hey. Nice game you've got here. If I may offer some advice for it though.

1. Increase the health restored by items. I don't know if it was just me, or what, but it seemed like the longer I played the higher enemy damage was doing to me, so I was burning health restoration items just to get through the bandit area. This made it a slog to get through.

2. Do enemies grow in strength with the party? Because as I was going, certain enemies seemed to jump in strength for some reason, despite being weaker seconds earlier. If so, cut that, because it's making it worthless to keep fighting enemies, since they can do more damage to me, despite me trying to get an advantage on them level wise.

3. Please do something about Gerat's personality. He is just an unpleasant personality to deal with. Between whining about his situation, getting aggressive on the flip of the hat, and then berating Drey, I just couldn't stand his personality after we freed him from the bandit's cave, and gave up playing. I understand you want to have a tragic character, but please pick one character trait for him, because he's all over the play with his attitude, and it's hard sympathize with him, when he doesn't let you sympathize with him.

4. Make the percentage chance to inflict status ailments on enemies higher, because a 20% chance to inflict a status makes the skill in question rather worthless in battle. 

5. Lower enemy health. In an average battle an enemy should take no longer than 2-3 strikes to kill. With enemies in the game, they seemed to take longer and longer to kill, making it not worthwhile to kill them, especially since most don't drop alot of money. Also, do lower their attack damage. I encountered this flower that did 100+ damage to my characters, and considering Lex only has 400+ around level 5-6, it was nightmare dealing with them, since health potions that I can craft only do around 70+ Restoration. 

6. Give Drey some purpose in the story. So far, all he really does is react to the situations around him. Because of that, he's really boring for a character, since he's just free floating between scenes. Everything he does, so far, is just 'go here because X is happening'. Let him have some curiosity over the world around him, or desire for exploration, or lust for adventure, or SOMETHING!! Otherwise, he's not that interesting enough to want to see continue on this journey.

Overall, you have a good game here, and it seems like you'll go far with this. Keep it up, and good luck!

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Thanks for the advice and thank you for playing!

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Just finished the demo, or i assumed so since i went over the bridge and it said it was the end of the demo!

Holy poop this was fun and challenging, loved it! and the scenes with Garet after making your way East after beating the Bandits, hot!

I am seriously craving more my dude!

I fought a pink smoke thingy, i think a hidden boss in the caves with the bandits, easily the toughest fight but i still won thanks to finding it's weakness to a certain synth ability, made Gerard look simple in comparison.

:Some Helpful Tips I Found:

1) Bandits are a pain, run from combat if they catch you! Get Garet then get the heck out of dodge and train up with Lex and Garet.

2) A lot of easier mobs drop plants to make healing stuff, HOARD THAT SHIZZ!!!, these are great for group healing synth later on

3) Dump all point into strength only for all companions, except for Su of course, :o

4) Synthesizer spells-thingies, are op in battle, USE THEM, especially the group healing one!

5) Enemies are weak to certain spells and synths, test them out of all types to learn what takes them down fast, this applies to bosses like the Pink Smoke and Gerard.

6) Save often!

7) MOST IMPORTANT: Find enemies weakness, they'll have a text saying "Weak" when you use a synth or spell that will take up to 5x's damage to. This is the only way i could beat the pink smoke(some water synth) and made Gerard(earth synth) a breeze.

SECOND MOST IMPORTANT:Make sure to fight weak enemies to build up AP for special AP attacks to use on bosses. 

8) Make sure to infuse weps, armors and other stuff with cores to perform spells and get added lethal goodness.

9) It's not hard to get enough money to buy the top tier stuff, grind and get it, thank me later.

LovedIt!!!, keep up the awesome work my dude, this game reinvigorated me to keep working on my own games, thanks for the awesome time killer and influence my dude, :D

P.S. I love that this seems to be Omega-verse themed what with alphas, betas and omegas, love the genre, :D


Thank you for this awesome feedback!!!
It's gamers like yourself that motivates me to continue making my game!
Really glad you enjoyed it!

It says this is only for windows 8 and 10 but will 7 still work?

There has been an issue with windows 7 running the game but I've just re-uploaded it today with new edits, hopefully this will help solve some of the issues. Feel free to download and play!

i can't get advance the bandits hideout. while looking for green buttons to unlock doors etc ive wiped 4 times (and once game crashed) to encounters of two or more thieves that just spam sleep powder on main character and wolf, so i can't get a free turn to remove the sleep. it just ends up being slow death wilting away their HP in a deep slumber. idk if I miss an sleep immunity accessory or I'm just that unlucky lol.

That's pretty unlucky, also you need to turn off one of the switches to reach the boss you don't need all of them. And escape  while in battle helps. Don't forget to synthesize salves, use battle synth to heal more.

escaping rarely works sadly but the other things you mentioned I have done yes thank you heh

This area is hard enough as it is without needing to respawn enemies 2-6 more times.  Just make those two switches an OR gate.  Or have three locks on that door, if you really want to use both switches.

I think there is a bug because in the battle screen instead of seeing my character fight the only thing apart of the monsters that shows its a huge black square.

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Hi there, I've been notified this already as well about the black box over the character. I'm not entirely sure what's causing this since I can't generate the error on my end. Will look into this more and hopefully find a fix for it.

Edit - I tried downloading from the page too and running the game, everything is fine on my end. I can't replicate the issue.

I've updated the game again and tried a different format for the sprite.
I hope this resolves that issue.

Hopefully. I'll take a look at it tomorrow and I'll let you know. Do I have to re-start the game all over again? 

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Yes, since i can't guarantee if the old saved files would work on the updated version. Fingers crossed it works. 

It didn't worked, however the game runs a bit faster, doesn't lag as much, but the mouse is useless to play now... 

The mouse is a terrible function and caused a lot of problems so i removed it. But it's a shame, I really don't know what the problem could be for the black box to appear.

Out of curiosity, are you using windows 10?

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the wind boss is impossible to beat


There will be a time where you can revisit the cave again and do the wind boss.
But if you manage to beat it earlier it gives you something nice to use later in the game.

Will you pay patreon for the continuation of the version or not?

Continuation of the game is only available on my patreon.

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Hey just wanted to say this is awesome so far and cant wait for the final game! also im not sure what to do im stuck in dhalium after garet leaves what do i do?

nvm i figured it out!

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Can you tell me what i have to do I'm aslo stuck at this part ? Nevermind just figured it out 

What i did was head to the slave trader then to the mayor hell give you a quest and thats it you might what to wait abit to get the reply. the slave trader will sell when you talk toyou.

will there be a Mac version ?

Unfortunately due to the softwares limitation of building from a windows to a mac, I'm unable to produce a Mac version of the game. I'm afraid this will only be available for windows.

(Take any mac demo of his, copy the www folder from the PC version to Game/Contents/Resources and change it's name from www to app.nw, replacing the existing folder.)


i just downloaded the game earlier today i gotta say i loved the demo and i honestly cant wait for more and hope that it will get updated again soon for the public ill be keeping an eye out for the day that you do so till then please keep up the amazing work youre doing!


i what to see more 


This looks interesting, might try this game out later.


Also, really love the UI, keep up the good work!


Thank you very much!

Will we ever see dogo again?



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Is the eye class system based at all on The Words Of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson ?

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Unfortunately I've never heard of The Words Of Radiance. Everything is made through influences of other older RPG games.  And majority of the game is formed with plug-ins made by others.

When does the Demo end? I am not sure if I am just wandering at this point or can I find the guy that bumps into me

the guy who bumps into you is at the cave in the begining area with the first save.

Thanks a millio

np i had difficulty as well

That's rather odd, I couldn't find him anywhere. I rescued and healed the doggy, bumped into him at Elm village, and I can't go into Fara Mountains because I need to do "something". So I saw this comment, I decided to go back to the cave with first save. He isn't at the cave. I'm pretty stumped and I don't know what I'm missing.

hmm i bumped into him and couldnt go anywhere so i explored and went back there and found him with somebody else thats scolding him.....

Speaking to the lady at the inn first before going back to the cave

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I'm so sad cause the game won't be finished for over a year most likely. I mean this is an JRPG in development since that's loads of work especially all by one person too. Still this starts off very promising, can't wait for the full release to see this story in all it's glory :D

Did you compose the music yourself or were those royalty free tracks? I ask because I loved the music so much too.

i was looking through the comments and saw jrpg and now literally have to install it

i played it and cant wait for it to be finished.

Hi all music used in the game belongs to the composers. Check the credits page for more info :)


incredible. Highly recommend. Good work