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What's the difference between both versions?

do you have more  ?

Full version can be purchased here.


cool .. but i cant buy it ? i don't have any income or money


lol you are adult then you can get job xD

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I am excited to see you are making a game again! I have played all of the games you have made and enjoyed them all. I also just found out about your patreon when I get paid I plan on being a supporter. This one is awesome so far can't wait to see more!


No Android version? ;-;

This is something I might do in future. No guarantees it will happen. For now it will be on PC.


Are you going update this demo?


Yes, progress is coming along slowly due to other work via my Patreon.

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How do I get Griff's event in day 2?

Ps. Im loving this right now!

Event on day 2 is related to Ricky, which you can find him at the car park area.

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Love the game so far! "you're not supposed to be in here...." How do we see the griff event?

what is your patreon name?

I got it

Can you actually date anyone yet? I met a 3rd person, but his dialogue kept repeating - I'm not sure if It's cuz my charisma or a stat wasn't high enough for him to notice me to help him or intitate a conversation. 

Hi Gryphbear, the only date-able characters are, Daz And Griff (for now),  there are 3 other characters but they are part of a 'certain' mini game that requires Charisma. Since it's only a 2 day demo, it's more of a show case of what the game will be like. Story progression for dating them will require more days.

That's fair. So we technically can't date either one atm until you add more days? :) I would think 2 days isn't enough time to get a date set up? 

And I want to say this - since I keep forgetting to - I do love this game. I want to see more content and having two days to improve one's stats, and not being able to do much is somewhta frustrating lol. 

Thank you very much! I really appreciate your feedback. Apologies for only making it a 2 day demo, since the game is supported by my patrons I thouoght I'd share the work in porgress publicly. Currently a 15 day demo is avilable only to patrons. Otherwise, I do hope to release the full game once it's finished. Sorry for keeping  you waiting. xD

That's fine :)

found a bug on day 2 the daz event keeps glitching wont load image and cant get past loading screen when try to enter next building, otherwise good game.


I've noticed this and have already replaced the download file with a working one. Please download the game again :)

Love this game can't wait to see more of this, o I don't know if you know about this bug but when you enter your house from outside just when the time of day changes tonight it makes the hole screen into black, I can still move my character it just a black screen so I went back through the door again and that fix it.

Thanks for letting me know! I'll have a look into this.